This is how Apple has resolved the iPhone 8 facial recognition. -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

This is how Apple has resolved the iPhone 8 facial recognition.

Time is passing and we know more and more about the brand new iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition that will see the light foreseeable during the month of September . If it is already a reality that LG will be the company in charge of supplying the frontal camera of the terminal, now the speculations are directed towards what will be implemented in her for the facial recognition that will be integrated .

According to a post by Mac Otakara, in addition to the camera equivalent to a 32 mm integrated in the front, it is likely that a 24 mm wide-angle lens is incorporated to both coexist and increase the range of possibilities with it.

A single camera for face recognition considerably increases the technological problems, in the sense of having to use a photograph to identify faces. But with a pair of cameras, the recognition is much more precise and allows to elaborate a mathematical model of a face that more closely resembles how humans perceive depth, precisely because two eyes see better than one.

If the post is accurate, the front camera of the iPhone 8 would be similar to what can be found in the models Oppo F3 Plus, LG V20 Pro or Alcatel Flash. Of course, we do not know where they got the information, but they are usually reliable in their information. For example, they anticipated before no one the absence of jack output on the iPhone 7 .

LG Innotek is supplying face recognition camera modules for the Apple iPhone 8 with an initial investment of $ 238.5 million, however it is not their first collaboration with Apple, although they also manufactured the dual camera lens of the iPhone 7 Plus that such good results are giving, according to the numerous spots that Apple has developed and the user experience.

Via | Appleinsider

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