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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This is how the fake WhatsApp subscription works

WhatsApp scams, scams and malware seem endless . And is that having an app that has a volume of users in excess of one billion is what it has: that crooks know that there are many people with access to the popular messaging application that do not know too much about computing and therefore, Are likely to be scammed.

In addition, it is that this last scam gives the hit and uses the stratagems of WhatsApp , so it is very simple to fall into it and as the amount is not very high, anyone can fall and let it happen. So the scammers make their August thanks to the volume of innocent users. Ojito because unlike the virus Judy that is affecting in mass to Android , for this scam we are likely to fall both Android and iOS users.

How does the fake WhatsApp subscription work?

The operation is so simple and effective that it frightens . Suddenly, we get a notification to our iPhone alerting us of a new SMS that theoretically comes from WhatsApp ensuring that the subscription to WhatsApp has expired and that to continue using the service we have to pay 0.99 euros - in the case of the UK, Place that has been massively affected, we are going to £ 0.99 -.

Logically the user clicks on the trap and clicks on the link. In the collective imagination we associate that moment with him the first time we installed Whatsapp back in 2010, when it was still pay . And is that at that time the app charged a symbolic price of 0.99 euros after a year of free use, a ridiculous amount for how useful we find WhatsApp, especially compared to the old SMS.

Also, as we all know, when you install the app for the first time you are asked for your phone number to start using it when you receive a numeric code that you have to enter. Therefore , it is very easy to associate with that moment and assume that it is something normal . But no, it's a scam and you do not have to click the link under any circumstances.

Via | The Sun

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