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Saturday, 27 May 2017

What does iOS 11 need to be an ideal operating system?

Apple will introduce the next-gen version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ( iOS 11 ) during the World Developers Conference ( WWDC ) on June 5.

Only two weeks to WWDC, but strangely enough has not filtered any news about iOS 11 , nor have we heard any detail about their functions and features.

It has been talked about that Apple will introduce a completely new design and an updated user interface. It has also been rumored about a new provision for iPad, but apart from that we do not know anything about iOS 11 ...

What does iOS 11 need to be ideal?

Given the absence of rumors and leaks, from iPadizate we wanted to create a list of features, functions and features that the iOS 11 software would need to be the ideal mobile operating system. Remember that you can share your ideas with us in the comments.

Customizing the Control Center: Customizing Control Center buttons to include Mobile Data, Location, Low Power Mode, etc.

FaceTime calls built into iMessage: Integration of audio and video calls via FaceTime into the iMessage app through a small thumbnail widget.

Animated icons of applications: Small animations in the icons of the applications with small details and data of each application: events, schedules, dates, meteorology ...

Multitasking calls on iPhone: Change the user interface of the calls so that it does not occupy the entire screen and users can perform other actions while talking on the phone.

HUD of less intrusive volume: The UI of the volume currently displays a giant icon in the middle of the screen, it would be better something less intrusive.

Drag-and-drop function in Split View: This function would only be present in iPad but would be very useful to move elements from one app to another in multitasking.

Slide Over on iPhone: It is also time for Apple to implement multitasking on iPhone, at least the Slide Over feature to review content from other applications without closing the current app.

Theater Mode: A Dark Mode, Night Mode or Theater Mode would be especially useful when using the device in the middle of the night.

File management: iOS 11 could host a good file management system for organizing and transferring files.

Notification grouping: There should be an option in Settings that allows you to select whether a user wants to group the notifications for each application or not.

Touch ID protection in applications: An option to activate the Touch ID before opening applications such as Camera, Photos, Contacts, etc.

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