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Saturday, 27 May 2017

WhatsApp plans to steal this horrible Facebook Messenger function

A few days ago we commented that the supremacy of WhatsApp as the messaging application of the planet had the days counted . Among the budding alternatives is one that narrows the siege and with more than obvious reasons: Facebook Messenger. And is that with the Facebook messaging app in addition to having the security of an application that does not require your phone number and the huge expansion of Mark Zuckerberg's social network, Messenger is tremendously useful to communicate. So WhatsApp has decided to integrate one of its most iconic features: stickers .

According to WABInfo, WhatsApp - which is currently owned by the emporium Facebook - plans to incorporate the stickers in their chats, something that we can see in their latest beta and that the leakage account has published in their Twitter profile. That yes, the decision does not seem to have the approval of its users , something that already happened with the controversial states of WhatsApp .

In fact, stickers are no longer emojis come to mind, a kind of drawings that seem handmade, typically more elaborate and larger than the emoji but with a somewhat more drab design - albeit for tastes, the colors - that Facebook implanted In their Messenger for both Android and iOS back in April 2013. As you can see in the image, the stickers designed for WhatsApp have a very similar design, so they have not even taken to updating and renewing them a little.

The truth is that since its launch, many companies have tried to implement them in their applications : Line, iMessage since iOS 10 ... some even of an additional character that you could acquire, so that they served as an additional income source for developers. For example, two years ago Line generated 10 million dollars a month from the sale of its stickers among its 230 million users.

So there is another business model that WhatsApp intends to implement to monetize more its app, yes, everything will depend on the welcome of users , which judging by the comments seen on Twitter after the screenshots, has not been very good.

Via | Twitter WABetaInfo

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