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Friday, 26 May 2017

Why the iPhone 8 raked the shelves, even with a price tag of $ 1000

Lately have already appeared information that the new Apple smartphone, to be introduced in the fall of this year, can set the record value. Experts indicate that the jubilee price of the model will start with $ 1000.

It is expected that the new smartphone 5.8 inch OLED screen will be called "the iPhone 8", but there is the opinion that Apple could name in honor of the tenth anniversary of "iPhone X". The next new feature stands out for its Style and comprehensive design and you will receive the glass wrap.

Analysts are sure that if cupertino developers embody all of the innovative features reported in the sources, Apple will have no problem with the "eight" demand.

Actually, to the extent of criticism, if the price of an iPhone 8 will exceed $ 1000? If users are willing to pay for Apple's flagship as the money has no value, it costs $ 950 or $ 1100. More than most users do not update their smartphone for several years.

Buyers would be willing to pay for the iPhone 8 more, since even now expensive for drivers. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus, which costs € 100 more, sells better than the most affordable iPhone 7. In addition, Apple smartphones often buy in installments, and "leftover" $ 200, that the company Will ask for the new model, you will hardly notice it, as monthly payments will increase by about $ 8 for two years.

On the other hand, for someone that the price tag of $ 1000 can be a serious obstacle, because for that money you can buy all kinds of things, the same 13-inch MacBook Air. In addition, it is important psychological barrier for buyers who do not want to give their mobile device too.

It is expected that the iPhone 8 is going to cost expensive due to the higher of production costs. The device will cost expensive components, including OLED display end-to-end ", crystal housing, on 50% of a larger capacity battery, a new multilayer design of the motherboard.

One of the exclusive innovations in the iPhone 8 should be the 3D technology of the perception of the world that is being developed Apple in collaboration with the company Lumentum. The device can recognize the face of users with the use of 3D scanner.

Those wishing to purchase in the fall of iPhone 8 Russians will have to separate with quite considerable money. The initial price of the smartphone will be such that not everyone who wishes will be able to purchase the new one. In our country a minimum price will be from 75 000 to 80 000 rubles.

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