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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wozniak thinks that Apple will not be the company with the next technological innovation

Years ago, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak and its focus was on computer technology

With the passage of time, Apple continued to grow and Wozniak stopped working for the company

Although the Apple team has changed quite a bit until then, Wozniak follows the steps of the company

Stephen Wozniak believes that Apple is so big as to worry about future technological innovation

After Wozniak stopped working for Apple his comments towards the company have not been encouraging

Steve Jobs always tried to have his company take care of technological innovation ...

Opinions on Stephen Wozniak

Stephen Wozniak was interviewed at Bloomberg to give his opinion regarding future technological innovation and new technological trends.

Wozniak has dismissed Apple as an innovative company or with future projects about new technology trends. This man sees more Apple as a business issue

In one of the comments of his interview he hinted that the companies that changed the world emerged as "young people" and did not change it by being allies of giant companies, ie, Apple being a large company would not worry For innovating as it did in its beginning.

I quote: "Look at companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Tesla that changed the world. Usually they came from young people. They did not come from big companies. "

According to Wozniak, the subject of self-driving is the most popular point in terms of technological trends. Such technology could have a major global impact over the next five years. Wozniak sees Tesla as the company that in the future will be ranked higher than Apple

I quote: "I think Tesla is in the right direction right now. They have put a lot of effort into very risky things. I'm going to bet on Tesla. "

Apple's innovation

There are several points that can be highlighted as innovations from Apple that changed the world of technology and its market

First iPod replaces dicman to tner a more portable player with more song capacity

The iPhone replaces smartphones and digital diaries. Subsequently, other companies launch similar devices

The iPad was the first tablet launched to the market. After its launch other companies follow in the footsteps of Apple and develop their own tablets

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple is concerned about keeping their devices up to date and fit the market. Stephen Wozniak seems to have a grudge against the company Chance? I do not think so

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