ZeroLemon has published the "secret" of the case for the iPhone 7 Plus with battery of 10,000 mah

The ZeroLemon assortment deposited in the sleeve for the Apple smartphone badge, which allows considerably prolong the mobile work life of the machine. Specifically, the manufacturer offered an accessory for owners of iPhone 7 Plus.

From the ZeroLemon statement, the holster is the leader of the аакумулятора firmware capability in the market. The fact that it has more battery with a capacity of 10 000 ma · h. Recall that the battery of the IPhone 7 Plus has the capacity of 2900 ma · h.

The case has four информирующими led on the state of the power supply and the recharging process.

Of course, if so many elements of box dimensions are very impressive, as is their weight. Therefore, these products are bought by people who require maximum autonomy and external batteries, for one reason or another, are not suitable.

The accessory not only increases the iPhone 7 Plus runtime, but also provides additional protection. In addition, the accessory can be used to power external devices, what is the USB port on the side of the cover.

Buy ZeroLemon can for the price of $ 60.
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