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Thursday, 29 June 2017

10 curiosities you did not know about the original iPhone

Today is 10 years since the iPhone 2G aka Original iPhone was presented in partnership with Steve Jobs , a decade making history creating new terminals full of news and setting the way forward for the competition they give for many anecdotes. But today is the day of the first, which although marked a before and after in the world of mobile phone, was far from being the terminal so wonderful that we know now.

With less than three months of launching the iPhone 8 , which will have a borderless screen with the integrated Home button, augmented reality, inductive wireless charging, 3D sensor ... we want to present some singularities that had the original iPhone, light years from the current But still able to mark the beginning of a new era of communication .

This was the first iPhone we knew

It was not the first iPhone

Curious but true. Before Apple launched the iPhone, Cisco Systems had already patented the name , in fact denounced Jobs for copying the name, although Cisco was a VOIP phone that allowed its users to call through Skype without using a Computer, but demand was withdrawn upon agreement.

The concept of the iPhone dates from 1983

Hartmut Esslinger, a development engineer at Apple, designed a phone with a landscape display that reflected the main features of today's iPhone and iPad interface , which comes as a primal iOS, though it never came to light As such, took good note of it for later designs.

The App Store was the first site to download legally

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the iPhone is the App Store, where users could download free or paying apps , something we are now very familiar with today but at that time no one had ever thought of, That you had the apps that came by default on your mobile and stop counting. It opened a world of possibilities to use our device to use our terminal for much more to call.

There is a Bonus on each iPhone

If you look closely at your iPhone, you'll discover that the Artists icon in the Music app is the silhouette of the singer from the Irish band U2 .

It's always 9.42 in iPhone ads

The Apple events always start at 9am and their ads are scheduled to show up just 42 minutes later , although it is already known that things in the live sometimes cause them to go ahead or delay a couple of minutes, but that's the idea. Surely from now you look to check this amazing fact.

Its biggest rival is one of its suppliers

Samsung and Apple may be archenemies in the sale of smartphones, tablets, computers ... but that does not prevent Apple from requiring the services of Koreans to manufacture their chips or more recently, their displays. Between this and their endless legal battle, we could catalog their relationship as love and hate .

It was already expensive at the time

We complained about the price of today's iPhone, but ojito that the first iPhone took the palm: $ 499 for a 4GB memory terminal that did not have Siri, notification center, Maps or video, Was available only in black and also his camera was quite poor.

The iPhone was the invention of the year

... according to the iconic Times magazine, the iPhone was so revolutionary that it was awarded the invention prize of 2007. It's a milestone for a gadget as well.

Initially it was called Purple

When the iPhone was developing, its initial name was Purple, even the sections of Apple where it was designed were called "purple dorms".

The first iPhone was not sold in Spain

It seems a lie, but the iPhone 2G only went on sale in the United States and some European countries, among which unfortunately Spain was not. In fact, the iPhone did not arrive in Spain until July 11, 2008 and they did it to stay.

Happy birthday iPhone! For another decade of success!

Via | Cydiaguide and TicBeat

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