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Saturday, 3 June 2017

10 new Apple products that are worth waiting for this year

In early 2017, Apple has introduced the new "economical" iPad, iPhone 7 in red body, collection of straps for the Apple Watch and Mac Pro upgrade. What to expect from the company in WWDC 2017 and September to The presentation of the company?

Apple is very cazurro the company. She almost never talks about products being prepared for launch. All reporters' questions are answered - "no comment". But even though All his Apple secrecy can not avoid the leakage of information, which in a moment generate a mass of rumors.

Below 10 of the products worth waiting for the giant "apple" until the end of 2017.

"Smart" Siri column

It is rumored that Apple is developing a "smart" speaker with the Siri voice assistant. These gadgets - including Amazon Echo and Google Home from Google - are now in high demand. According to some sources, an Apple column will receive the screen, as well as the person recognition function

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known and reliable analyst at Apple, suggested that the "smart" speaker can be introduced already in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and the start of sales of the novelty planned for The second half of 2017.

IPhone 8

IPhone 8 - Apple's most anticipated product. Since the launch of the first smartphone have already passed 10 years, therefore, the version of smartphone fans expect something special.

It is assumed that the iPhone 8 will receive безрамочный screen, better camera, supported by the augmented reality functions and the glass at the back (like the fourth model). The new flagship will be expensive: the start price, according to rumors, will start from $ 1000.

However, Apple might encounter production difficulties, therefore, the release of iPhone 8 may be delayed for several months (traditionally new flagship came out in September).

But it is not the only expected smartphone of the company.

The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

Along with the iPhone 8 in the fall, the updated versions of "seven" with the prefix "s" - iPhone 7s and 7s Plus - are expected to come out. These smartphones no less desirable, and in addition will cost much cheaper than the iPhone 8.

10.5 Inch iPad

This year Apple could launch two new tablet. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that in the month of June you can celebrate the announcement of 10.5 inches, like the iPad Pro with безрамочным design. It is also expected that the updated model of 12.9 inches, such as the iPad Pro, which was introduced in 2015. The 2017 WWDC conference more suitable for announcing the news taking into account the time required for the translation of The devices in editing devices.

MacBook Pro Intel Kaby Lake

In 2016, Apple has upgraded the MacBook Pro, in which the function keys have been replaced by a Touch Bar touch screen. It is expected that an enhanced version with more powerful will be announced on the WWDC. The design of the notebooks will remain the same, but a new color of the case appears.

MacBook with high capacity

According to Bloomberg data, Apple will announce the launch of the new MacBook in the WWDC - and will focus on its performance and not autonomy time.

Updated The MacBook Air

Even the MacBook Air can get an update. Previously the media reported that Apple is considering the possibility of "publishing an updated version of a laptop, even though the rule several obsolete.

The new iMac

In April, Apple announced that the new iMac, aimed at professional users, took place in the year 2017. The company did not report any details about the technical characteristics of the date of publication - only known to receive hardware " professional level".

The third generation Apple Watch

Apple launched the first Apple Watch in April 2015, the second version appeared 18 months later in September 2016. However, now it has been reported that in the autumn of the company will show the third generation Apple Watch, therefore , Executing the annual cycle of updating.

The Apple TV with support for 4K

Judging by the rumors, Apple is working on a fifth-generation Apple TV set-top box update with the ability to watch videos in Ultra HD format. You can leave this year, however, the exact date is still unknown.

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