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Thursday, 1 June 2017

11 the functions we can expect in iOS 11

At WWDC 2017 Apple will present the next major update of the software platform for the iPhone, iPad and ipod touch. The conference will take place next Monday. It's time to remember what the innovations awaiting users in iOS 11.

1. A redesign of the interface

The mobile interface операционки Apple has long since not received noticeable changes. The company is worth upgrading the software platform design and pay attention to convenience and ease of use. In addition, Apple could add more "live" icons at this time icons, only the application "Calendar" and "the Clock", where their appearance varies depending on the date and time.

Given that this year Apple will release the iPhone 8 5.8-inch screen, you also need to optimize the platform for the large format of the screens.

2. 64-bit device support

In iOS 11, the company will complete the transition to 64-bit architecture. It is expected that the new platform will not work with 32-bit devices the company will stop support for iPhone 5 / 5C, third and fourth generation iPad and iPad mini 2. In addition, about 187 000 applications in the App Store do not work In iOS 11.

3. New wallpapers

Traditionally, the update should bring a new wallpaper, which helps to refresh the type of home screen. Recently Apple has released the beta version of iOS 10.3.3, which showed the new design of the screen for the iPad Pro.

4. Improved Card

Many users still prefer to download from Google Maps in the App Store. To compete with the Apple application you should pay more coverage cartographic attention and the filling of your own service. According to rumors, for the improvement of Apple Maps, the company collects the information with the help of drones.

5. New Emoji

In the last time, updates for Apple devices do not go without new emoji. IOS 11 will not be the exception.

6. Siri with artificial intelligence

For anyone it is a secret that the virtual assistant Siri needs serious completion of the review, to compete with Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and Alexa Amazon. He should be smarter, learn to consider the context of the conversation and the action of the user for the most accurate fulfillment of tasks. Rumors that Apple is working on artificial intelligence technology that can be implemented in the new version of Siri.

In addition, the manufacturer is worth thinking more naturally of voice pronunciation and the opportunity to perform fewer basic tasks without an internet connection.

7. Dark Interface Mode

Dark Mode - one of the most anticipated iOS 11 features. For the first time it has been seen in the test code of iOS 10 assemblies, but as it did not appear at the end of firmware.

Dark appearance will not only reduce the charge on the eyes, in the dark, or make the interface more original, but allows you to increase the battery life. It is expected that the iPhone 8 will receive the OLED screen in which the black pixels, do not light up and do not waste the battery power.

8. The Apple Music Redesign

The interface of the Apple Music quite confusing and not too comfortable. It is expected that the company will again work and facilitate the design of the application, as well as focuses on видеоконтенте. According to the latest data, Apple plans to launch several shows of this service, including Carpool Karaoke.

9. FaceTime video calls

In the application FaceTime in iOS 11 will appear the group support video calls. Some of the competition services have already implemented this feature.

10. Tablet Optimization

On the iPad they often say that it is just an enlarged version of iPhone. Recently, the company pays more attention to gadget professionals and has already launched several models of the "Pro" range, which, according to her, are called to replace a personal computer. But for that, Apple must improve the software platform for the iPad: adding support for multiple profiles, drag-and-drop between applications, improve split screen mode, implement an advanced file management system.

11. The Handoff Improvement

The Handoff feature simplifies the use of Apple devices. Start the task on the iPhone, and end on the Mac. But this option does not support all applications. For example, the user can not switch to Mac or Apple TV while playing music in Apple Music.

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