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Monday, 19 June 2017

$ 15,000 for an "Apple Edition" shoe? Yes please

There are things that are priceless. For example: how much would you rate your first kiss? Or the first time you argued with your mother and you were right? The same goes for this vintage product that we present today: a few original Apple sneakers , what price could you put a piece of history like this?

Well if you want this pair of Apple sneakers, they can be yours at the modest price of 15.00 dollars on Ebay because the collector Heritage Auctions has put them on sale. That if nobody pays, because you know how this works ... that starts at $ 15,000 but numerous eccentric Apple fans, millionaires and thirsty for oddities can raise the bid up to 30,000, which is the price at which is estimated will eventually be sold.

And is that these Apple shoes are very cool: retro eighties design and with its iconic Macintosh logo in the form of apple bitten with the color of the rainbow. In addition, these Apple sneakers were never for sale but were worn by employees in Cupertino , so they are available in limited quantities and also have been photographed so their existence was a mystery to many.

If Apple products are expensive, collector's items you can not even imagine . To give you an idea, last year another private seller auctioned a series of clothes that at some point in his life had led Steve Jobs and took a pasture: for a leather jacket earned $ 22,000, for a pair of jeans achieved $ 3,000 and for a watch Seiko got $ 12,000.

And a couple of years ago, the San Rafael Marin School in California sold a couple of authentic Steve Jobs business cards for $ 10,000, that's nothing. Blessed Apple fans!

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