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Sunday, 25 June 2017

3 ways in which the iPhone has changed the world

Let's not fool ourselves, the iPhone was the first smartphone in the world. Until 2007, before the presentation of Steve Jobs, mobile phones had applications. But they were not called that way, they were not tactile, nor were they as successful as they are today.

It was really the iPhone the mobile phone that drove the app stores , the smartphone that completely changed the way we live. The device that started an era full of new hardware and software in the mobile phones of other companies.

Next we will mention 3 ways in which the iPhone has changed the world , directly and indirectly.

IPhone with you started everything

Applications development

The arrival of the iPhone involved a major change in the mobile engineering sector. Not only has it resulted in more job opportunities in mobile repair and device manufacturing (since the first iPhone has tripled the marketing of mobile devices), but we also have a new sector, the development of mobile applications . And, believe me, it's an awful lot of money.

Mobile payments

This was something that a few years ago was unthinkable, unimaginable. The best thing you could do with the mobile phone, at that time, was to play Snake and send SMS leaving your fingers on the keyboard. Now, with a smartphone, you can use NFC to make purchases without removing your wallet and credit card. Even buy a McDonalds burger in seconds, thanks to the Touch ID.


Before the launch of the iPhone the televisions were not like today. At that time the users could use Teletext and little else. But today ... my mother, today. Nowadays televisions are intelligent and have dozens of applications , as if a smartphone would be. But this does not end here, in the future we are 100% sure that their screens will also be tactile.

We'll stop here, but we could continue. It is true that Apple did not invent smartwatches, but it did boost its marketing worldwide. Since Apple introduced its Apple Watch , all companies sell more smart watches. In addition, without the applications of the first iPhone who would imagine what the clocks would look like today ... On the other hand we have CarPlay , a new system of applications for the car, and so we could follow, and follow, and follow ... iPhone, with you started everything.

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