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Saturday, 3 June 2017

30 Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the best "smart" on the market. This is more than just the iPhone on the wrist. If you know all the possibilities of Apple Watch, with its help, you can increase your productivity, lose weight, get in shape, or even save money. Some even win with the Apple Watch.

Now on sale you can find the Apple Watch series 1 and 2 series. The second generation has received improved water, an improved processor and built On the GPS chip. The Apple Watch Series 1 is the original model, but with more productive the processor. There are also special editions, created with the collaboration of Nike and Hermes companies.

The operating system watchOS 3.0 increased the speed of working smart hours, and also has updated the interface and new spheres. In WWDC 2017, Apple will present the next version of the operating system - watchOS 4.0 with new features. It's time to know what you can do with Apple Watch now.

  • Answer the calls.
  • Work in the water.
  • Track the career path.
  • Activate the silent mode in the cinema.
  • Change dials.
  • Provide quick access to the desired information.
  • Keep track of your heart rate.
  • Keep track of sports practice.
  • View and reply to messages.
  • Send emoji.
  • Receive notification with iPhone.
  • Share the heart rate indicators.
  • Pay with Apple Pay.
  • Run the application.
  • Placing routes.
  • To send images.
  • Use Siri.
  • See the photos.
  • Connect to vehicle.
  • Send messages to Facebook.
  • Play the music.
  • Share the location.
  • Check the email.
  • Control Apple TV and Apple Music.
  • Work as a remote viewfinder for the camera.
  • Find the lost iPhone.
  • Store electronic tickets.
  • Function like a night clock.
  • Translate the needles from the hours with 10 minutes ahead so that no опазывали.
  • Send an SOS signal.

Perhaps, the most useful functions of the Apple Watch is the ability to translate payments from Apple Pay and respond to incoming calls through smart hours. It is a function in case you have busy hands and there is no possibility of having to take out the smartphone. You can also answer a call on the Apple Watch and then put it on the iPhone. Unfortunately, the answer to FaceTime audio and video calls smart clock until they do not support it.

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