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Monday, 5 June 2017

32bit apps start to disappear from App store

Just the day before the WWDC and the iOS 11 presentation, the expected new version of Apple's operating system, 32bit applications have begun to disappear from search results in the App Store .

This is the last sign of evidence that assures us that iOS 11 will no longer have support for these apps when it is unveiled next week to developers and in a few months to the general public.

Apple keeps pushing

Some time ago we could hear reports that iOS 11 would not continue to support 32-bit applications , and largely thanks to the window that appeared in the beta of iOS 10.3 every time we opened an application of these characteristics.

Now that these applications "do not exist", you can only access it through direct links . This move by Apple will force many developers to update their apps, if they want to remain relevant in the App Store.

Goodbye to the 32bits

64bit applications were first supported in the launch of the iPhone 5s , in September 2013. Since then, Apple has moved slowly to this architecture.

In iOS 9, for example, if an application was 32bits we could see a window warning us that that app could cause errors in our system . However, this message changed in iOS 10.3 to a more alarmist one.

In addition, it has been confirmed that future processors will not support 32bits, which could be beneficial to many developers and users .

The way Apple made the switch to 64bit was pretty smart. Its way of moving prevented the end user from being affected by the transition. However, if developers have not wanted to take the step to the new architecture since the launch of the iPhone 5s, little can be done .

Do you think it's okay to leave the 32bit support? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | 9to5Mac

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