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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Apple products that are about to disappear

Apple, as a technology company, owns a wide range of products belonging to almost all categories: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iMac, Macbook, Magic Keyboard, Apple Watch and many others.

Unfortunately, times change and so must technology. For this reason, Apple must focus all its efforts on innovating creating new products and leaving aside others.

In this article we will talk about all those Apple products that are about to disappear , either for one reason or another.

Before beginning this article, for the calm and quiet of our readers, it is imperative to mention that the fact that these Apple products are about to disappear does not necessarily imply, much less, that the company stops updating its software or To support them .

1. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE , Apple's small "low-cost" terminal, was one of the best-selling smartphones this year. It's fascinating, a feat of technology, and a great marketing idea. However, with the arrival of the iPhone 10th anniversary and its OLED infinity screen, Apple will end up forgetting about this model. Can you imagine a 4-inch SE iPhone with a larger screen, no side bezels and a virtual Home button? Unlikely. Anyway, Apple will continue to support the iPhone SE, and it still has a lot of useful life. We estimate that it will reach iOS 13. So, should you forget to buy an iPhone SE? Not at all. Still an excellent choice. But Apple will not renew this model.

2. AirPort

Apple's technology "cemetery" will make room for AirPort , a wireless router. The company has already officially declared that it will close its AirPort division to focus on more popular devices such as the new HomePod .

3. iPod

The device that helped Apple get back into the elite of the world of technology is about to disappear. Fortunately, the new iPod touch version still has some room in the market today.

4. MacBook Air

The MacBook Air line, as well as the iPad Air, has also stopped being manufactured. It is no longer relevant, since the devices of any company now always tend to be thinner and lighter. They will now be replaced by the new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro.

5. iPad mini

Apple will stop marketing new iPad mini models . Yes, it will continue to sell the iPad mini 4 for a while, but the new tablets (although they have a reduced size) will go to use another type of nomenclature.

Via | IDropNews

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