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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

5 reasons not to touch iOS 11 or with a stick

The beta of iOS 11 is now available, and many are the ones that took advantage of the first moment to download it on the iPhone or iPad. However, the smart thing would be to stay in the current official version and avoid by all means the new update of Apple's mobile operating system .

In this article we leave you five reasons not to upgrade to iOS 11 , at least for now, of course.a

Bugs, bugs, bugs

IOS 11, despite being the new version of Apple for our iPhone and iPad, brings more problems than normal. Of course, the update is still in its first beta, so we should not ask too much until the third, at the very least .

This update brings lots of bugs, which will be present until the beta mode of iOS 11, which normally will be in two or three months. If you want to enjoy the new update, you should wait a little longer .

Unsupported Applications

This is quite logical. IOS 11 has just been released and developers have not had enough time to adapt their applications to this update. And even if they had, we can not forget that it is a beta for developers, so it is not too profitable to update apps at the moment .

If you upgrade to iOS 11, forget about many of the applications you use daily .

No jailbreak

It may not be too important for many, but yes, iOS 11 is still too young to receive its dose of freedom. So if you update, watch out for the consequences of being under the yoke of the apple .

Lack of support

Many people are still on iOS 10, so if you upgrade to iOS 11 you'll find yourself in a somewhat lonely community . The problem here comes at the moment of experiencing problems, because due to its scarce use, not many people may have experienced this same inconvenience.

Big optimization problems

If this is not the most important point, then I do not know what it is. Apple users love the fluidity of our devices, which unlike the competition, seem to not feel the passage of time .

However iOS 11 is still very young and still quite problematic, so it will be normal to find slowdowns, lags, unexpected application closures and a long list of sudden problems.

Cautioned falls. Remember that iOS 11 is currently a beta - yes, we've said enough, but you never know - so the problems with the iPhone or the iPad will become something quite everyday in your life .

In spite of all these warnings you have decided to update? Tell us your feedback experience!

Via | IDrop News

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