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Monday, 26 June 2017

7 tricks to make the iPhone 7 even faster

When we talk about the iPhone 7, we do not think about the type of phone that gets slow over time, but of course its performance can go down . Heavy applications, increased minimum requirements , the resources of outdated apps that stay on the phone or even a failure in the operating system, can cause your phone is not as fast as when you just bought it.

If this has happened to you and you're noticing that your phone is not the same as it used to be or you just want even more speed on your iPhone, these tricks will help you a lot .

1. Update the software

If the software on your iPhone is still old, you may need to consider upgrading. They usually incorporate stability improvements and bug fixes , so they can fix slowdowns in the terminal. It is advisable to do this, as it will not only solve performance problems, it will also add stability and security improvements.

2. Check background apps

IOS is excellent for managing applications in the background, but from time to time, a very heavy application can cause the phone to slow down . If you see an application causing slowness even when you are not using it, you can access from the settings to "General" and enter "Applications in the background". From this menu you can disable the apps that you think are consuming more resources than they should, and prevent them from being automatically activated when you close them.

3. Clear the application cache

The cache slowly slows down your phone by taking up space. The problem is that iOS does not offer us any easy way to clean it and to do so we should look for the option in each application. If we want to delete the Safari cache, for example, we should go to the Safari settings and delete it there.

4. Accelerate animations

IOS animations can slow down working with the phone and give the feeling that it is worse than it really is . If you are upset that an animation slows down your iOS experience, you can disable them from settings by going to "General", "Accessibility" and "Reduce Movement". This will change all the animations of the phone by a fade between different screens, making the transition faster.

5. Turn off location

It does not seem very important, but it is. When the location is activated it consumes resources and battery . When deactivated, our device will not check in the background again and again the location using the GPS.

6. Perform a "Soft Reset"

Press the power button and turn the volume down at the same time (on and home at the old iPhone) for a few seconds until the phone turns off. This will solve any problem for full RAM that has our terminal , as doing this will completely clean the memory of the phone.

7. Format your phone

The last resort we have is to leave our phone in factory condition . This way we will eliminate any type of data that is affecting the performance of our terminal.

Before doing this, you can make a backup from iTunes or iCloud . This is not recommended, because if the performance failure is due to an application or some data that is saved in the copy, you will have it again after the formatting.

Is your phone faster now?

If you follow these steps, I'm sure your phone will work as if you just bought it . We must remember that an iPhone is still a computer with limited resources and that over time applications become more and more heavy consuming more resources.

Source | Tips.applenws.com

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