Age of Empires remake after 20 years of its release and explained how to access its closed beta -


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Age of Empires remake after 20 years of its release and explained how to access its closed beta

Today, while the PC conference was going on at E3 , the remake of Age of Empires was announced . After twenty years of the departure of this videojuego and after several sequels to his back we will be able to enjoy it again.

As we watched the PC conference, something bland, suddenly we all grabbed our seats. The mythical Wololo sounded with stained glass in the background. Age of Empires Definitive Edition filled the screens while we were all surprised. Nobody expected an announcement like this and although we were glad in part we wanted it to be a new delivery and not a remake. In spite of this lovers of the most classic strategy we are celebrating.

This remake shows us a visual and sound section totally renewed and improved. One of the new features that catches the eye is the compatibility with 4K resolutions . Also they have improved the gameplay, something necessary in the times that run. In addition to this, as expected, have confirmed the multiplayer through Xbox Live .

It is not the first time the saga gets a facelift or appears on a new platform. We talked long ago of his foray into the world of smartphones . Without going so far we can see that its sequel, Age of Empires 2 has been revised with textures HD for PC, coming to appear even new expansions for this same. In addition, his cousin / brother the Age of Mythology also received a new version.

We thought it might be time for a new sequel to the acclaimed video game saga. Age of Empires 4 is something screamed, hopefully this remake has good acceptance and think about its sequel.

Access the closed beta of the Age of Empires remake

Aiming for your closed beta is quite simple. For this we only have to enter the following link to its official website .

After entering we will have to click on the button Sing Up Now , under the message Join the closed beta today! . After this we follow the simple steps by pressing the same button again. Then we accept and continue to take us to the page where we must log in with our Microsoft account . We accept all terms and conditions and ready, we are already registered for the closed beta.

If we are selected we will receive a message notifying us. Good luck and keep reading our blog to stay informed of current news like this.

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