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Friday, 23 June 2017

All the tricks of the new gyms of Pokémon GO

After several days with the fly behind the ear having gyms "under construction", the biggest update of the year of Pokémon GO has come to our iPhone full of news that we told you a few days ago among which we can highlight the cooperative mode, a New system of prestige and new gyms where previously had Pokeparadas.

But in addition, these brand new gyms come loaded with surprises that we have been able to discover, analyze in depth and reveal all their tricks so that you take full advantage of them and this time yes, you get to do with everyone. Do not miss them!

How are the new gyms of Pokémon GO

The gyms have six holes that can be completed by a Pokémon team, and the team that presides at the gyms will have a new statistic called "Motivation . " Even if you can not unseat an opponent of your throne, your individual Pokémon will lose motivation over time and will lower your combat score (CP), so the tactic of attrition will be effective.

However, members of the dominant team can make the Pokémon spirit grow with berries, which means that cooperation will be useful for both attacking and defending . For your efforts, you can earn badges from gyms, which can make you level up to get better objects in Pokeparadas and gyms.

In addition to all of this, the gyms are receiving additional disks to try to revitalize some areas in areas where population density is lower .

For those regulars in the gyms, some of their mechanics have changed . For example, "super effective" moves now provide 140% damage, while similar attacks or STABs - same type attack bonus - have reduced their effectiveness to 120%. So the Pokémon that defend the gyms have to be prepared for this change, because it will affect them particularly.

These are the best tricks of the gyms of Pokémon GO

So if you want to take advantage of the new developments in Pokémon GO, you must take into account what we have explained and some tricks that will really make a difference in the way you play :

To win coins, you need to defend the gyms for at least an hour . In fact numerous players have reported an average of one coin won per hour defended. Of course, you will receive them once you defeat your adversary.

To earn badges, you need to turn the disc over the gym . If you have problems getting badges, do not worry since Niantic assure that they are still deploying their functions and that in case of bugs, try again.

Gym advocates will not start full of motivation , so be sure to provide them with berries. Feeding teammates will give you rewards like Star Dust and candy, so be generous.

Be very careful about cheating . And is that in the new update will penalize the cheaters , but eye, not the way you believe. They will not block the account or anything similar, but the Pokémon obtained irregularly through third-party apps will appear crossed out and will not have the behavior expected of them, ie, you will not be able to harm others, so be careful with cheating .

Most gyms around us have quickly filled up with familiar faces like Blissey, Dragonite, Gyarados or Snorlax. So if you get ready to storm a gym, take note of all the news and get ready for their threats .

After achieving a real fever during the summer of last year, where Pokémon GO got people of all types, ages, gender and nationality - with the exception of China, whose government vetoed it as unsafe - get up from their sofas and devote themselves To visit their localities in search and capture of Pokémon , the game of Niantic seemed to undergo an epic slump that coincided with the arrival of Super Mario Run.

Nevertheless, Pokémon GO broke records of revenue in the App Store during the past 2016 and with this series of updates promises to continue giving a lot of war between iOS users, who even have games exclusively for iPhone .

If you have not tried it, better late than never:

 Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

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