Android 8.0, Android version O has been officially confirmed -


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Monday, 5 June 2017

Android 8.0, Android version O has been officially confirmed

For months Google is developing Android O 8.0 . The Android update is expected to reach several devices (of different brands) compatible. Supposedly, the Android O would be released in December to different devices, however, could come to new compatible smartphones much earlier.

Google plans to present the Android update with better features and performance, said upgrade would have improvements compared to the previous version that would encourage users to upgrade or buy a new device compatible with the update.

Android Nougat encompassed version 7.1.x, ie, devices with Android Nougat will have at least Android 7.1 and expected Android O encompass version 8.0 or 8.1, however, Android version O has already been confirmed.

Android Or would be a better system than Android Nougat, whose release is scheduled for December. Google wants to upgrade its operating system, that is, the new system would replace the previous versions. Although Google had not officially pronounced, Android O is almost a fact and already has official version. Earlier we mentioned that the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T would receive the update of Android O.

This time we will mention everything related to Android O from its new functions until the official confirmation of the version of Android O, in addition, will review the previous version to get an idea of ​​the improvements of this update and how they could be exploited .

Android 8.0 is the official version of Android O

Google applications has confirmed that the next generation of Android is version 8.0. Android Or would represent this version and devices compatible with this version would have Android 8.x. The Android 8.0 version is being tested on some devices in the beta phase, and is expected to be released later this year and is compatible with many smartphones of different brands

Android 8.0 is in beta

The betas versions of Android are those that are tested by Google or developers to report on the bugs that the version presents in order to be corrected immediately. The first "Beta" Alpha Android 8.0 was released in March for Google devices, that is, possibly the first smartphones to receive the Android update Or will be the Google Pixel Google Nexus

Will be released another version of Android Nougat before the arrival of Android 8.0

Previously, expected version 7.2 of Android Nougat but with this confirmation surely the next version of Android is the 8.0, ie Android Nougat comprises version 7.1 and 7.1.1, later would arrive Android O in version 8.0

How did you know that the next generation of Android will be the 8.0?

It has been discovered that the next version 8.0 will be the Android O, this was discovered through Google applications such as Google Photos and Google Keep. The associated APK code shows that the version of Android O will be 8.0. The APK information for these applications is highlighted in the "platformBuildVersionName" section with the number 8.0. It is not known what the official name of the version will be but it is expected to be revealed very soon

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