Appears the first telephone operator only for iPhone, is there a future for something like that outside the US? -


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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Appears the first telephone operator only for iPhone, is there a future for something like that outside the US?

Today US Apple fans have woken up with some curious news to them. The operator Virgin Mobile USA , which shares the brand Virgin, one of the best-known conglomerates in the English-speaking territories, has become the first exclusive carrier for iPhone . It sounds like a joke, and you're probably thinking about how it's possible for a company to completely give up the rest of the market, but it's totally true.

Virgin Mobile USA has introduced a new rate called "InnerCircle" that will offer data, voice and "unlimited" text messages for only $ 1 the first year , and $ 50 a month later. The problem, is that to access this rate, it is absolutely necessary to own an iPhone. The company, owned by Sprint, one of the largest operators in the country, is why you can afford to do something of this type. The question is, could you give a case like this outside the US?

Unfortunately for us, these types of offers seldom come out of the US, and we get an idea of ​​why

The answer is more or less simple: it depends on the market share that exists in the country, or how innovative the operator feels . Regarding the market share, we have to take into account the significant market share that Apple has in the US in terms of mobile phones, about 44% , since they are the main objectives of such an operator. In the case of Spain, for example, it would be unfeasible if we let ourselves be led by these figures, since it only holds about 8% of the market.

On the other hand, we have the appearance of being the pioneer . Everyone wants to always be first to something if it is possible, since you will have the opportunity to surprise the public , and offering something that no one else has will help you to win a few customers. However, not everyone is willing to change, and in some cases showing something completely new will cause a portion of your potential target audience to refuse to change for fear that it will not work as expected.

We have to admit, Virgin Mobile USA's proposal is really tempting. But, unfortunately, we will not see something similar for Spain and many other countries in a long time , if ever. Honestly, I just conformable myself with the "unlimited" data, but until that I see it complicated here.

And you, what do you think of this exclusive operator for iPhone? Do you think the concept will work?

Via | MacRumors

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