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Friday, 23 June 2017

Apple again changes the terms of its extended warranty service

We have already said several times, and we will not tire of repeating it: Apple has one of the best technical services in the market. But, as everything, also has its bad side, and is that it is the most expensive, at least if we do not want to stick with the classic warranty for factory defects. For a few years, the company has offered a service called AppleCare that allows its users to extend the warranty, and get a premium technical support service.

In addition, in certain countries like the United States, there is a higher level of service, called AppleCare + . This addition gives the user a maximum of two accidental damage repairs over a two-year period , in addition to the benefits of the AppleCare. And of course, these are really interesting details, especially when we talk about devices as expensive (and fragile in certain cases) as those made by Apple.

Apple has been very hesitant lately, what is happening to them?

But of course, like every service, this has its conditions, and this is where the problem comes from. And Apple seems to have problems deciding when to subscribe to the service users who buy a new Apple product as an iPhone or a Mac. A month ago, they changed from 60 days from the purchase of the product to a year . However, it seems that they have not finished liking the idea, and have returned to the original plan , preventing products with more than 60 days of use can benefit from the extended warranty plan.

In Spain, unfortunately, we do not have access yet to this fantastic service , so this change of conditions does not affect us too much. In any case, it is curious to see how a company can change so quickly of opinion with regard to the conditions of use of one of its products. We will be left with the doubt of knowing what has caused this sudden reversal, but would bet that, as always, more than one user had taken advantage of it.

And you, what do you think could have happened in regards to this change in the conditions of AppleCare +?

Source | MacRumors

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