Apple boss does not get along with Donald Trump and here's the test -


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Apple boss does not get along with Donald Trump and here's the test

I think it goes without saying that Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, is not exactly the best in history. In the few months he has been in office, he has managed to win a good number of enemies both inside the administration and outside , and it seems that he has no intention of stopping. The man, despite his status, is not even able to maintain a good relationship with the executives of technological companies, despite the power they currently have.

And is that in a world that depends almost entirely on technology, it is advisable to have the big companies in your favor, so it can happen. In this case in particular, we will return to talk about the relationship that Trump has with Tim Cook , and by extension, with Apple. And we'll tell you that it's not the best we've seen, in fact, you only need to look at the next image to get an idea.

Unfortunately for Tim Cook, this is not a relationship he can easily ignore

There have already been several misunderstandings that Apple CEO has had with Trump. The thing started to go wrong with the immigration veto, but after pulling the United States out of the Paris agreement on climate change, everything has gone worse. The executive of the Californian company already defended in time the importance of this agreement along with other personalities like Elon Musk, nevertheless, the president made a deaf ears and acted as it seemed convenient to him.

After all this, when this past Monday attended a technological event organized by the Trump administration in which the president himself was present, it was clear that his enthusiasm was not too high , leaving us pictures as curious as we have presented today . Hopefully, for the good of the company, this relationship improves over time. It's not good for anyone to have the president of a superpower against you, even if you have control of the largest corporation in the world.

And you, do you think the relationship between Trump and Cook can improve?

Via | Mashable

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