Apple buys a leading company in Augmented Reality and unleashes rumors -


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Apple buys a leading company in Augmented Reality and unleashes rumors

Apple has just acquired SensoMotoric Instrument, a German company specialized in computer vision. The firm, founded in 1991 and based near Berlin, develops helmets and eyewear by applying ocular measurement technologies with virtual reality and augmented reality. Given its strong interest in this area, this purchase could push the bite apple company to launch software aimed at it on impending versions of the iPhone , or even add-ons for this one.

Although Apple has not made the agreement official - in fact it is not usually done - it is a quite frequent strategy in Cupertino to sign the best and even acquire small businesses to feed on the best in the world in each field and in this way Develop combined technologies for your hardware and software .

Tim Cook recently said that the Augmented Reality will have a brutal impact on technology at the height of smartphones and that is why they obviously do not want to be left behind and although we have had the opportunity to see some patents in this sense, we are not clear what You will see the light.

At the WWDC 2017 conference, Apple unveiled its ARKit platform for developers to build new apps using the new features built into the iPhone's sensors and camera, which lets you calculate depths and place virtual objectors in a real-world environment.

And just a few weeks later, we are already seeing some spectacular demos in this sense that allow us to accurately measure with a virtual meter and even create fun animations, serve as an example of the latest Ikea project . And is that, ARKit looks like the vehicle to bring this type of applications to the public much earlier than any other software platform, including Google.

Via | The Verge

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