Apple has lost $ 30 billion per day due to falling stock -


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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Apple has lost $ 30 billion per day due to falling stock

Apple shares fell 3.9% at the close of Friday's Nasdaq stock exchange. The drastic reduction of values ​​has led to the capitalization of the US. Computer electronics giant fell by $ 30 billion per day trading.

As reported by the Financial Times, at the close of the tender Apple shares have cost more than $ 148.98 - at 3.88% below the level of the previous day. Therefore, every stock of the company Недосчиталась nearly $ 7 total of the sum of Apple investors have lost $ 30 billion in a single day.

Apple's first among public companies has previously known to break the $ 800 billion mark in the capitalization assessment. Some analysts believe that in the future the company could be the first with the market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

On Friday, the market value of the five largest technology companies in the United States fell. In addition to Apple have suffered Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. As a result, the Nasdaq ended the bidding decline of 113.85 points, or 1.8% to 6207 points, last week for the index turned out to be the worst of all of 2017. The S & P 500 technology sector lost a 2.73%.

The current abrupt drop of experts explain followed by a number of reasons. One is the natural recession after much growth. Four months ago, the "ceiling" of Apple shares was considered a mark on the 130-140 dollar.

The founder of the investment fund The Bahnsen Group david Бансен in the conversation with the publication explained that the reason is that "action перекуплены". The New York Times edition has written about the growth of investor concern about the valuation of technology companies.

As Reuters writes, in the sale of giant IT titles could affect "criteria" report Goldman Sachs, dedicated to technology cooperation in the sector. Bank analysts noted in the report, that market players may underestimate the risks associated with investing in Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft stock.

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