Apple has released a $ 1 billion "greenback" for the development of renewable energy sources -


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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Apple has released a $ 1 billion "greenback" for the development of renewable energy sources

Apple has issued a $ 1 billion "green bonds" for financing renewable energy sources following the trump decision on the United States exit from Paris, a climate agreement. About this is said in the official statement of the "apple" of a giant.

The new bond issue aims to show that the iPhone maker remains committed to the Paris objectives, an agreement, said Apple's vice president of the environment, Political and social initiatives, lisa jackson.

"Leadership of the business community is essential to eliminate the threat of climate change and the protection of our planet," says the words of the senior manager.

The expiration of these bonds in 2027. Apple's profits will send to finance renewable energy, improve energy efficiency in the facilities and the supply chain of its products, as well as the creation of more than one material Safe for your products.

The chief Apple, tim cook, like many other representatives of large American companies was addressing directly to the president of the United States donald Трампу asking him to keep the United States in Paris the agreement, the agency says.

It is the second "green bonds" published by Apple. In the past year, the US electronics giant has produced such bonds at $ 1.5 million and sent funds raised in activities in the field of renewable energy.

On June 1, United States President Donald Trump formally announced the departure of Paris, a climate agreement, making one of his main campaign pledges. Trump said that the requirements of the fight against the warming of the atmosphere cause the loss of millions of jobs and billions of dollars. Trump's decision has already criticized industry leaders for you, including Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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