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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Apple helps you improve your Memories with these short tutorials

Those of Cupertino want the experience of the users with iOS to be more and more fluid and, in a way, more wise. This attitude we have been seeing for some time, but it has not been until the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that has become more clear.

Apple has released two new tutorials to use Memories, a fun feature that can be found in the Photos app . This movement reminds us of what he did a few months ago with the camera of the iPhone 7, which managed to take several tutorials to take better advantage of it.

Short but good tutorials

The best thing about Apple tutorials is that they are usually fairly short and straight to the point. Therefore, each lasts approximately 40 seconds , so you do not waste your precious time in a video of 10 minutes.

All instructions are given step by step so that there is no loss . If you want to have a look, we'll leave them right here.

Memories gets more relevant

The first tutorial will show us how to customize our stories quickly and easily. In addition, all steps are very simple to perform. The second video, on the other hand, will teach us to share with our friends and family these fun stories .

Apple has wanted to give relevance to this function for some time, and in iOS 11 it seems that it will finally achieve it thanks to the new functions that we will have. A few days ago the company released another of its iPhone 7 ads, called The Archives , which also focused on the Memories feature.

Those of Cupertino want us to take advantage of each of the functions that come included in our iPhone or iPad, and with each passing day seem to achieve their goal. Memories is a very interesting feature but, for reasons of life, almost no one usually uses .

Do you pay close attention to the Memories tab of your iPhone? Answer us in the comment box!

Via | Mac Rumors

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