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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Apple is preparing a special Siri to advise Siri

With the upcoming iOS 11 update, Siri will finally take some of the much-needed improvements from the public. To prepare for Apple's first smart speaker, HomePod, the virtual assistant will be more conversational than ever and will reach a new level of learning that has only been seen so far in one of its competitors, Google Assistant. But Apple does not want to stay there, and wants his assistant to be able to fulfill other functions that are capable of improving the connection that the program has with people.

For this reason, Apple will begin to direct part of its efforts in giving Siri new knowledge about important events in the different cultures of the world. To begin with, he has already issued a job offer dedicated to finding a responsible person for this new task capable of nurturing the assistant with all the dates and moments that are of some importance for the different audiences who make use of Siri , or who will do it in the future.

Siri is not yet able to learn all this for herself

The main idea is that Siri is prepared to answer any question at any time through any device. Of course, artificial intelligence will be great when it comes to learning about your users , but it is also important that there is a team behind it that updates and controls all the information over time, in addition to adding some new information. In fact, for the moment is the most suitable for a product for consumption.

And it is that, by much advance that has been so far, the AIs are not reliable enough to let them camp at their leisure. At least for the moment. In the coming years, Siri-style attendees will be able to interpret more and more information and transmit it to their users so that they can use it efficiently. But for now, much remains to be done, and there are things that an AI still can not understand, such as the culture and the importance that humans give to certain events or events.

And you, do you think Siri will be able to rival Google with these movements?

Via | 9to5Mac

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