Apple presents watchOS 4, these are their innovations! -


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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Apple presents watchOS 4, these are their innovations!

Apple has just introduced all the new features that will come to its smart watch, the Apple Watch, this fall . For developers, from today will be available the new version.

In the new version watchOS 4 we can find from improvements in apps to new integrations . In this article we tell you all the functions of the system.

More and Fun Watch Faces

In watchOS 4 we can find a lot of new Watch Faces. Also, not everything ends there. We ourselves can create fun Watch Faces with the images we have stored on our iPhone .

The system will choose the main colors of the image to create a colorful and fun new "face" for our Apple Watch. In addition, Toy Story comes to take our watch with fun moving images .

Siri, the queen of the new notifications screen

Siri is the protagonist of this section. The virtual assistant of Apple will be the center of our notifications, which will order with the priority that creates convenient . Of course, this is not based only on smoke, but on our ways of interacting with applications every day.

The artificial intelligence will be in charge to study our habits to order the notifications with the importance that they deserve. In addition, if we use the Digital Crown, we can see more information on the new notifications screen.

What's New?

We all enjoy celebrating our accomplishments. Now with the renewed Activity application of our Apple Watch we will not be the only ones to do so. Our virtual coach will be responsible for reminding us every time the achievements we have achieved , urging us to overcome each day. In addition, these notifications will be more personalized.

Renewed workout application

Workout has undergone a new renewal in its interface. Now we can start listening to music when starting the exercise routine , thanks to the integration with the Music application.

In addition, it will not be necessary to stop a session every time we want to do different exercises, but we will have the possibility to switch between different activities within it with a couple of touches .

Integration with exercise machines

Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting features of the new version. Now we can exchange information with exercise machines using our Apple Watch .

Apple has seen the poor accuracy of the clock when doing movement exercises on static machines, so it has decided to cut the problem from the root. Just by bringing our watch closer, the machine will pass the collected information and the gadget will synchronize it quickly.

New Music app

The music app has been redesigned on the Apple Watch. With watchOS 4 we can see the suggestions of Apple Music on our wrist , in addition to being able to browse our playlists in a simpler and more intelligent way.

Many more news will come with watchOS 4 to our smart watch. However, these are the main functions that will come with the new version of the system .

Was it what you expected? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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