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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Apple removes hundreds of thousands of apps from the App Store

Following the instructions in the App Store review guide, Apple is applying a strict standard for developer applications . The goal of Apple is to end cloned applications.

In the "Design" section of the App Store revision guide, in rule 4.2.6, it is mentioned that "applications created from a marketed template will be rejected".

This limitation applies to published, for sale, or maintenance applications , and prevents developers from copying original content by creating "cloned" applications.

Apple has long been banning developers from cloning other applications, including copying titles, descriptions and content . Even so, this problem happens constantly in the company's iOS apps online store of apple bite.

When a game or app succeeds in the App Store, there are many developers who take advantage of their fame to create clones and earn some money at their expense . A good example of this was when the launch of Flappy Bird took place. Dozens of clones came out!

But cleaning the Apple App Store does not end here, no. The company is also enforcing regulations to prevent application spam, to remove applications with pirated content , and to get rid of applications that are not supported by the 64-bit architecture . This last premise implies that 32-bit apps no longer work on iOS 11.

Apparently, as we are informed via 9to5mac , Apple has already eliminated hundreds of thousands of applications in their efforts to keep an App Store clean.

Apart from the strict rules of the App Store, Apple promises a new experience of use in iOS 11. App Store has renewed its user interface with a much more visual minimalist style.

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