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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Apple Reveals Monument Valley 2 at WWDC and Now Available

Before the madness of the success of Pokémon GO or the arrival of games as interesting as Clash Royale already had fascinating titles in the App Store.

This is the case of Monument Valley , one of the best games in the history of mobile platforms. A very creative skill game with minimalistic graphics that includes 3D puzzles that vary from perspective .

Monument Valley is a game in which you have to test all your senses, since you must use your imagination to reveal and unravel the optical illusions that it offers us.

And now ... Monument Valley 2 has arrived at the App Store!

Monument Valley 2 has been featured on WWDC17

Apple's WWDC is not a conference in which only hardware and software are presented. There are also games!

The developers have released a sequel in which players will have to guide a mother and her daughter in a magical adventure discovering puzzles, optical illusions and impossible geometric shapes.

Apparently, among the novelties, has included a new mechanic in the way to solve the puzzles. In addition the use of two characters in Monument Valley 2 will cause the complexity to increase slightly.

There are many reasons why Monument Valley became a game of the year during 2014 . Spectacular graphics, a very creative game mechanic, simple and intuitive gameplay, and a magical story.

The developers of ustwo games have mentioned that Monument Valley 2 will be exclusively available in the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We do not know if it will be a limited or indefinite exclusivity.

Download Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 costs € 5.49 and requires iOS 9. You can download the sequel to this exciting title from the following download button:

 Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 2

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