Apple tosses the house out the window with the sale of refurbished gadgets -


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Apple tosses the house out the window with the sale of refurbished gadgets

In an unprecedented incredible offer, Apple has just put on sale through its official Apple Pencil website refurbished for its range of iPad at a surprising price of $ 85 , that is, $ 14 cheaper than its original price, a brutal offer Taking into account that they are not even new. Apple is known for both the high prices in general and its particular accessories, but also for making fairly discreet offers, but this price reduction takes the palm. At the moment this offer is available in the United States and we will not know if it will expand to other regions, but if it does not, we can live without it .

Irony aside, even if it's an accessory that is not new, Apple says it has satisfactorily passed a cleaning and inspection process to make sure it meets the brand's quality standards, and that of course works perfectly. In addition, it is packaged with an extra Lightning adapter, all documentation and a standard year warranty.

The Apple Pencil is a pen specifically designed to work with the iPad Pro, allowing for example artists to work much more accurately than the finger using this tool. Its shape allows us to feel that we are using a normal pen or pencil, yes, full of sensors to determine orientation, angles and detect pressure forces when writing and drawing. Also, the iPad Pro is optimized so that both gadgets are understood perfectly .

After the introduction of the new iPad Pro and the world of possibilities that opens with iOS 11, its users finally seem to find themselves a worthy substitute for laptops for daily work , in addition to tasks such as handwriting, Drawings and the use of native software much more useful and productive than ever before.

Via | MacRumors

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