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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Apple wants Siri to work with all third-party apps

The WWDC is about to happen. Apple would be preparing for this congress a series of news regarding Siri , who wants to be more and more intelligent.

Cupertino's idea is that Siri can work with all-or at least most-third-party applications . In iOS 11 it is expected that the categories of this virtual assistant expand a little more, since until now only could fulfill basic functions.

A smarter Siri

Expanding Siri's features is one of Apple's biggest interests right now for iOS 11, a system that is expected to come with a redesigned design and a new Apple Music app .

According to reports, Apple has been working on many improvements for Siri , so new features could be added.

Interests by

Among the reasons why Apple has so much interest in renewing Siri is the manufacture of its own smart speaker , similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home. If Apple is interested in winning the battle between these speakers, it will have to improve the compatibility of its wizard with third-party apps.

Rumors say that Apple will be presenting its loudspeaker in this same WWDC, so that developers have time to adapt all their applications . However, this is something that has yet to be confirmed.

Apple wants Siri to be a true virtual intelligence, but for that it needs the support of the developers . If you want to compete with Amazon Echo or Google Home, you should earn it anyway.

Would you like Siri to be smarter? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | Mac Rumors

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