Apple will charge a fee for money transfers through iMessage on iOS 11 -


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Monday, 12 June 2017

Apple will charge a fee for money transfers through iMessage on iOS 11

This fall, Apple will release a final version of the new iOS 11 operating system, while registered developers test the first beta operating system. Among the major innovations of the company update called the possibility of remittances in iMessage through the Apple Pay service. But at Apple have preferred to be silent, that with those who enjoy the credit card, will be charged a commission of 3% of the amount of the transfer.

There are many ways to transfer money from one account to another, but in practice this means all sorts of difficulties. At Apple, they use the Apple Pay payment system to facilitate the enumeration of money for iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. They work on translations until they are only in the United States, but as the Russian Apple Pay is one of the More popular, maybe we are also waiting for a pleasant surprise.

In iOS, the 11 send money directly inside chat in iMessage. Translated the funds will be deposited in a virtual card of a user. Funds with a virtual card can be sent to your friends, to use for payment of the purchase or to list in your bank account.

The commission, in 3% is installed and in other similar services, such as Venmo and Square Cash. It covers the overhead associated with credit card transactions. With debit card users, the commission will not be charged.

As soon as the money will be transferred, they will be available on the Apple Pay Cash map through a Green Dot partner. It can be used for shopping in stores and on the internet. There is also the possibility of transferring the money with Apple Pay Cash into your account at the bank.

It is noteworthy that the new feature in iMessage will use the Siri machine learning opportunities. It is expected that the application can offer the amount of the transfer in the context of the conversation.

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