Apple's co-founder was making 24-hour queues to buy his own products -


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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Apple's co-founder was making 24-hour queues to buy his own products

Steve Wozniak is a man who owes us a lot of things, in fact, if it were not for him and for his work this blog would probably never have existed. Thanks to him, Apple has managed to become the giant it is today , even though it lost power in the company as time passed. However, this does not mean that it is a person with some peculiar customs and hobbies.

First, we must clarify one thing. Peculiar is not equal to bad. We have already talked about his current trade, the "sell-mattresses", and although it sounds strange, there is always a reason for what he does. In the case of mattresses, he tries to help create the perfect mattress so that millions of people around the world can improve their rest, something fundamental in the life of a human being. On this occasion, we will talk about something a little more common, or at least, something that would be if it were not for the position it boasts within Apple .

The throws are like a ritual for Steve Wozniak

That's right, as you will have read in the title and how they tell us in this video Tech Insider , the co-founder of Apple has no problem in spending sleepless nights waiting for the output of products launched by the company he helped create. For years, he has tried to follow these releases because, like many others, he considers them as a "festival", a ritual . He considers that it is equivalent to the fans who would not be lost by anything of the world a film of Star Wars, since it is something special, something that, sincerely, I think that we all understand perfectly.

Surely you will be thinking that, being a co-founder of the company, you could ask to be sent the products for free. However, he is clear. Despite having worked at Apple, he remains a completely normal person, so he wants to go through the same process that any other consumer would go through . Although he acknowledges, it is now much easier to order products directly online, so his ritual of waiting for releases is already a thing of the past.

And you, are you the ones who would dare to spend the night in a store waiting for a launch?

Source | Business Insider

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