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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Become the king of Messages with these tricks

After the arrival of iOS 10 the bite apple company renewed its iMessage platform to offer users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all kinds of new features, features and features in the native Messages application.

In this way, the Messages app began to allow users to have news that other competing applications did not offer. However, many of these functions go unnoticed ...

That's why in this article we'll select a wide variety of tricks to become the king of the Apple Messaging app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. An ideal way to realize your full potential!

Handwritten messages

If you want to send a more personal, more intimate and more personalized message, you can choose to write by hand the word or phrase that you want to send. Simply place your iPhone in a horizontal position for the function to appear.

View time, copy and delete messages

To see the time a message has been sent, you only have to slide your finger to the left (in the case of messages from your contacts) on it. To copy it, keep your finger pressed on the message and press "Copy". To delete a message, keep your finger pressed on it, press "More" and select the trash icon.

Send messages with special effects

It is undoubtedly one of the best functions of iMessage with respect to the competition. The application will allow you to send messages with vibration, with balloons, with confetti, with stars, with hearts, and even invisible messages! To send an effect you must hold down the send button and select your favorite effect.

Send Stickers

The integration of iMessage with the applications of the App Store offers the possibility, among other things, to send messages with animated Stickers . Once you've downloaded a Stickers app, click on the App Store icon in iMessage, go to the Stickers app panel, hold your finger on the Sticker you want to send and drag it wherever you want to place it. You can put it in photos, videos, emojis and messages!

Via | IDropNews

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