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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Buaala: the best app to discover and recommend series and movies

If, as a humble servant, you consider yourself a lover of cinema and series, Buaala will become your new favorite application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Buaala allows users to discover and recommend content related to movies, movies, TV series, shows ... It has a catalog of more than 70,000 Amazon products . Do not stop the marathon!

In addition, Buaala for iPhone and iPad will show you personalized content based on your tastes . But best of all is that it works as a social network , allowing users to connect with other people, comment, compare the audiovisual affinity ...

But Buaala offers much more, it is an excellent application to organize your series marking watched episodes and valuing contents.

Buaala: you'll never forget what episode you stayed with!

The Buaala application has a fully proactive artificial intelligence engine. Yes Yes! Like Siri! That is, the more you use your system, the more algorithm you will learn about yourself and your tastes. Therefore, its recommendations will be more and more precise. In fact, your algorithm will also help you decide based on the interactions of your friends. And is that Buaala has a very important social area .

The application will allow you to send follow-up requests to other users , take a look at what content your friends have been viewing, access forums to share experiences , know the latest trends and more. Come, as we said before, a kind of social network series and movies.

But there's still so much more! Buaala offers all the info about releases, trends, new material material, future seasons, soundtracks ... And is that it is a very complete app.

In the image that we have attached you will be able to observe the large number of functions offered by Buaala for each of the contents you follow: notifications, likes, recommendations, forums, schedules, news, seasons ... It's great!

Download Buaala

The Buaala application is completely free and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you want to get this app you can download it from the following download widget that takes you directly to the App Store:


In summary

With Buaala you will not only be able to discover contents related to the cinema and the series, but also you can: watch TV programming, social interaction, participate in a wide community of users, create content lists , mark series episodes and watched movies / As, get personalized suggestions ...

And now, with the latest update you can choose between recommendations related to your tastes or completely new content. In addition now you can see your favorite Netflix series with direct access to the official application .

I already tried the application Buaala on my iPhone and on my iPad ... And I loved it! It is the ideal solution to my problems, if you also follow more than 20 series at the same time ... I recommend downloading it, you will not regret it!

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