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Friday, 30 June 2017

Buy an iPhone to play or deadlines and with permanence?

Who has not met with this dilemma? And we are not going to fool ourselves, iPhone are expensive. The high price of these often pushes potential buyers to choose a down payment with a phone company. It is not that bad option considering that we will get a very important discount on our phone, but we must bear in mind that we will be exposed to the decisions of the company that we have contracted and that we will be linked to it quite a long time.

What advantages and disadvantages do we have?

If we do not decide to buy it on time, you have to take into account enough factors and ask lots of questions . Do you really want to put yourself in a installment payment? Are you willing to spend a lot of money on a roll? Do you want a personalized data plan?

Be that as it may and to make the comparison, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of buying the terminal through a contract of permanence.


  • The iPhone will not be free: If for any reason the new iPhone did not like and we want to sell it, we will have more difficulties finding a buyer. This is because only the phone can be used with SIM cards from the same company.
  • You will have a permanence: And you can only cancel before the estimated time by paying a penalty. It may not be a big problem for many users, but thinking about being linked to a company for 24 months is quite overwhelming .
  • Cancel contract: As I said in the previous point, if we want to cancel the contract of permanence, we must pay a penalty . In spite of this, currently in some companies allows you to finish paying the iPhone of blow to finalize the contract, thus avoiding the penalty.


  • Discounts on payments: Sometimes, the operators offer us some discount to pay our terminal . This we will never see in a free iPhone purchased in the Apple Store.
  • Pay little by little: Some users prefer not to spend a lot of money at once, or simply make them more comfortable to pay in this way. If we do so, we will pay the rate along with the phone , it will go quite unnoticed in our account and we will feel that we are only paying for our rate.
  • Profitability: Looking at what contracts and studying our consumption well, we can know if we should buy the terminal by contract or play . We may even find it cheaper to buy the iPhone at once with a flat fee.

In my opinion, both options are good. There is not one better than another, you simply have to do what you find most comfortable . Personally, I prefer to pay a mobile to toate, since you are not exposed to any change in the company that affects the price of your contract, you can sell the phone without problems and you can change company whenever you want.

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