Dear young man, stop drinking drinks and make good money this summer. -


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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dear young man, stop drinking drinks and make good money this summer.

We are full immersed in the summer period, a time that many young people take advantage to earn a money between course and course in those wonderful vacations of three months student - although if you are not so good student may introduce you in September - putting drinks, Exercising as a lifeguard, giving private lessons, cutting the lawn or caring for dogs ... in short, the typical temporary jobs in which is charged little. But there is another much more lucrative alternative: to fix iPhone .

And unlike the aforementioned works, for Apple devices we can get up to $ 20,000 - which in euros is still a heap - according to the World Street Journal, which has interviewed a 16 year old boy named Grayson Shaw who got the A whopping $ 24,000 last summer doing this precisely.


Well yes Grayson, work in the summer, or weekends or holidays is very frustrating, something that is even more acute if you do for the minimum wage as it happens to many .

But the repair of Apple devices is quite a reef: almost $ 200 for repairing an iPhone 7 Plus , an average of 9 terminals repaired a day make that total juicy that achieved last summer.

And he is not the only one, Joseph Kokenge of 18 stopped helping his father in the family business and set himself to repair iPhone, something he learned simply by watching video tutorials on Youtube. And we do not get tired of saying it: everything is on the internet .

But of course, it is not gold everything that shines: it is repairs made amateur plan, without guarantees of any kind, something that if it goes wrong can end a complaint for negligence, malpractice and also you have to think that you are working on B, so this practice could be very expensive.

However, it seems that almost every American institute can find a young entrepreneur who has gone to repair the iPhone, or so says iFixit.

Via | 9to5Mac

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