Demonstrated the main innovation of the iPhone 8, you will know that all Android-competing -


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Friday, 16 June 2017

Demonstrated the main innovation of the iPhone 8, you will know that all Android-competing

Apple has the tradition of migrating proven innovative technologies across all its product lines. Thus, appeared in the iPhone 5s, the fingerprint scanner later, has found application on the iPad, and the screen with the help of power after clicking with the Apple Watch on the iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple will bring the innovative technology of the new iPad Pro tablets into the next generation of the smartphone brand.

In the New 10.5- and 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, the company has implemented an impressive display. It supports the new ProMotion technology, which provides the refresh rate of 120 hz for a faster response rate and natural graphics playback.

Soft operating system interface technology operating. The difference in the work of the 60-герцовых screens and ProMotion jumps into the eyes of all who have been able to get their hands on the new iPad Pro.

The possibilities of technology has proven Twitter-user Mattgemmell. In the video comparison showed the page displacement of 10.5 inches of the iPad Pro and "normal" 9.7 inches of the iPad Pro without the support of ProMotion.

Without a doubt, the ProMotion display will find an application on the next generation iPhone. Anniversary model, launched in honor of the 10th anniversary of Apple's smartphone, is the most anticipated of the company's product and in it are implemented the most advanced of innovation.

Slow-mo vid showing ProMotion on iPad Pro 10.5 "vs 9.7".

- Matt Gemmell (@ mattgemmell) on June 13, 2017,

By the way, and fearing the increase in battery consumption due to the new screen on the iPhone 8 is not worth it. ProMotion not only provides excellent image quality but also reduces power consumption, as well as technology automatically adjusts the refresh rate depending on how the image moves on the screen.

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