Discover Sony PlayLink, a new way to enjoy PlayStation with your iPhone or iPad -


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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Discover Sony PlayLink, a new way to enjoy PlayStation with your iPhone or iPad

This week, just a few days after the WWDC came to an end, E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo, the world's largest international video game fair, has started. In it, the main publishing companies and developers present their bets for this year and the next . This also includes, of course, the growing industry of mobile games, which Sony will be part of as we have told you before.

A few months ago we explained how PlayStation would enter this market with some of its best known intellectual properties. But no one could imagine it would be this curious way. On the one hand, we will have the classic mobile games coming soon, and on the other, and here comes the interesting, we can enjoy some new experiences created to interact with some of the games available on PS4 .

Games thought from the beginning to be enjoyed in group

This new line of video games will be called PlayLink , the technology that will allow players to share experiences of all kinds with the help of an application for mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad specifically designed for these games. Thanks to this new app, which will be available with the launch of the first compatible game, we will be able to take different roles in completely new multiplayer games without having to purchase extra DualShock controllers , as it has been done so far.

The first title compatible with this technology will be "That's You!" , A comic quiz with more than 1000 questions and lots of challenges that will give us lots of fun moments in our parties. This game will be free for a limited time on PlayStation Store for subscribers of PlayStation Plus from July 4, and will cost 19.99 euros for other users from 5, and will be without a doubt a great opportunity for , If you already have a PlayStation 4, you will discover the possibilities offered by this new type of game presented by Sony.

Source | PlayStation Blog

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