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Friday, 30 June 2017

Discover this tweak to program SMS on your iPhone

Who does not remember SMS? Many of us - especially older ones - have spent a fairly large amount of money to communicate with our loved ones using SMS. It is practically a part of the history of technology. This messaging system has fallen almost forgotten (at least in Spain) and is nowadays prefer an instant messaging application like WhatsApp, as this consumes our data plan and do not have to pay for every message sent.

Although it is hard to believe, in some countries SMS is used more than instant messaging . A good example would be the United States. This is the reason why Apple continues to add more and more functions to your application messages, some features rarely seen in other messaging applications.

Because the Messaging application is integrated into the system, we can use different application functions without leaving the application . Unfortunately, Apple does not allow adding extra third party features and to do this, we must resort to Jaibreak.

Today I want to bring you a tweak that does just that, adds a new function to the application messages. This tweak is called Kairos 2 and allows us to schedule sending SMS, this means that we can choose when the message is sent to the recipient.

How does Kairos 2 work?

This tweak is very simple to use, we will only have to write the message we want and click on the submit button. Automatically comes into operation Kairos 2, will ask us if we want to immediately send the message or choose a date and an hour to do it . When the SMS has been programmed, it will be stored in the application and sent automatically when the scheduled time arrives.

And there are still more, within the options available in Kairos 2, we can choose to send SMS repeating . With this we can get, for example, to send an SMS every week to a person, reminding him that he must do something. Although this example is very basic, the person who is interested in this tweak will know what use it will give.

Kairos 2 is available from the BigBoss repository for $ 2.99 and is fully compatible with iOS 10 . Its price may be quite steep for anyone who does not live in a country where SMS is the primary method of communication by text, however, and as I said above, I am sure who would be interested can find a utility.

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