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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Do not say OnePlus 5, say "cheap" copy of iPhone 7 Plus

If you are a fervent follower of the Android world, you will probably be aware of the renders that came to light during yesterday 's next flagship of OnePlus Chinese , its eagerly awaited OnePlus 5. Although these leaks do not show anything spectacular In terms of innovation, if it has left us perplexed a fact regarding its design: it is a blatant copy of the iPhone 7 Plus. The Android environment does it again, copy Apple again .

It is vox populi that Apple and Samsung have been in litigation for years on iPhone patent issues and seem to be on track to not be the only ones. Although it is clear that when a company really innovates and is the undisputed leader of the sector, it is normal that the competition is inspired, OnePlus is bleeding and it leaves no doubt: this is a rough copy .

And eye, not that it resembles it, is that it is literally a clone . Look at the photo that crowns the post: The OnePlus 5 has a dual camera located in the upper left corner of the back of the phone, aligned with the microphone and flash. The antenna bands surround the top and bottom and even the layout of the logo ... come on, it's a decal. A picture is worth a thousand words.

So continuing with the game "discover the differences of the photo", the only ones we appreciate is the location of the power button and the volume . While the iPhone has the power button on the right and the volume on the left, the OnePlus has been disheveled by changing the orientation just the other way around. Also, in both terminals there is a button to mute the device on the left.

At the moment, Apple has not pronounced among other things because it is a render and as such, still has the value of a rumor , which although it has enough consistency, is not yet official, so we will have to wait for 20 June, chosen date for its long release.

Via | 9to5Mac

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