Do not wait, use the wireless charging with this case for iPhone 7 -


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Do not wait, use the wireless charging with this case for iPhone 7

Mophie is a company popularly known for marketing all kinds of accessories for iPhone and iPad . In fact, the company is especially dedicated to the sector of outer sheaths and batteries.

Mophie's latest big bet brings the events we are looking forward to with the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone , which is supposed to come with wireless charging .

Thus, in this way Mophie presents its cover "Charge Force". It is an accessory that offers a built-in wireless charging system for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus .

You do not need an iPhone 8 to have wireless charging

The Mophie Charge Force Leather Case has a wireless charging receiver in Qi. The case has magnetic beads to allow the accessory to attach to the wireless charging base in any position.

It is a great implementation of the expected wireless charging functionality that Apple will present along with the launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Anniversary or iPhone Edition.

Qi wireless charging is now available at places like IKEA or Starbucks internationally. Although Apple is the latest company to implement the technology in its products, this Mophie case will allow you to get ahead and enjoy the wireless load on your iPhone 7.

How the Mophie Charge Force Works

The iPhone 7 wireless charging case does not require cables or any type of installation. Simply put your iPhone in the case, place it on the basis of wireless charging and as if by magic your device will start charging your battery.

The Mophie Charge Force is accompanied by different types of brackets that will allow you to adapt the technology of the wireless load to any surface and place, even to your car.

Mophie's Charge Force cases are available for € 59.95 on the company's official website and come in 5 different colors.

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