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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Download these free apps for iPhone and iPad for a limited time

With summer in full bloom, there is nothing better than lying on the towel and enjoy our beloved iPhone and endless applications that we can find in the App Store. We know you like to take advantage of your device to the maximum and why, what better than to download these tremendously useful applications, which are free for a limited time . We do not know how long the promotion will last, so download them as soon as possible because today we can guarantee that the apps are free, but tomorrow you do not know.

Or2Web - normal price 1,99 euros

This application uses Safari to provide us with a Tor VPN based network so you can access the internet to sites that are normally blocked, so skip the filters of the schools, the office ...

Yuri - normal price 2.99 euros

It is a hand drawn game in which you will be in the skin of the explorer Yuri and you will have to overcome 10 levels searching secret passages that will take you to the center of the Earth . As an added bonus, the game comes with a pack of stickers.

Blink - normal price 0,99 euros

If you forget about where you left off your head, you'll love Blink, a tremendously simple and intuitive app that will allow you to keep track of pending things and visualize them quickly. A jewel for productivity.

Phantasy Star II - normal price 2.99 euros

Little to be said of this classic SEGA RPG game adapted to play with your iPhone . Join a peculiar group of characters and confront the evil that expands by the star system Something. Fight against mutants and robots, get equipment and unveil the mystery behind one of the most exciting RPG of all time.

Expensave - normal price 0.99 euros

Ojito for lovers of saving because with Expensave we can search anything we want to buy on the internet and the app will compare the prices you find so that we can buy the cheapest.

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