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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Download these free apps for iPhone for a limited time!

We want you to have the best apps from the App Store , but we know that is not always easy or cheap, so when we see an opportunity like this we run to get the word out so that you arrive on time and download it because the more, the better.

Remember that these apps are free for a limited time , which means that they work right now but the promotion can run out in a few hours, so if you can not download them right now because for example you are at work, start downloading with your data and stop it , So when you can do it will not matter if they are paid again.

Pic Navi

Pic Navi is an easy-to-use photo finder and photo editor . With this application we can examine the photos of our device and know where exactly was taken and thus guide you to that same point from your current location, whether walking, cycling or in the middle of transport.

You can adjust the location of the photo by simply dragging a pin on a map. When you have a photo without GPS information, you can add it by typing an address. You can also delete GPS information when you want to make sure your privacy is protected.

 Pic Navi - Photo Location Viewer/Editor
Pic Navi - Photo Location Viewer/Editor
Photo & Video


Do you want to know how much fuel your car uses? How much will your gasoline cost for your next trip? You can know all this information thanks to Fuel. The application also allows the creation of usage diagrams and prices. It is easy to use and comes with a clear menu. Some of its characteristics are:

Adjustable units of measurement to meet the desired format
Statistics / Charts on consumption, fuel prices and vehicle costs
The application does not require Internet connection
Ability to create more than one vehicle
 Traductor Gratis
Traductor Gratis


Translator translates more than 90 languages by voice . That is, you talk to him on the phone and he immediately responds in one of the 90 languages ​​you have selected previously. It is also compatible with Apple Watch.

 Traductor Gratis
Traductor Gratis

PNG <-> JPG Images Converter

This application needs no description: convert PNG files to JPG and vice versa, JPG files in PNG.

 PNG <-> JPG Imágenes Convertidor
PNG <-> JPG Imágenes Convertidor
Photo & Video

Find my Car

Do you often forget where you left off the car? Or maybe you've received unnecessary parking tickets? Then "Find my car" is the perfect application for you! Because with "Find my car " you can locate your car without any stress or receive a notice to remind you, for example, when your parking ticket is no longer valid.

Description of the application:

Save the place where you parked using the GPS.
Make additional corrections using the drag and drop function.
Share the place where you parked with other users of Find my car.
Calculate and display the route between your current location and the location where you parked (also optional in the iOS internal map application).
Save images.
You have the possibility to configure a timer to keep track of the time during which parking is valid.
Create and add notes to remember the level of the parking lot your vehicle is in, including location and other parking information on multi-storey car parks.
 Find My Car: Aparcamiento de Coches Recordatorio
Find My Car: Aparcamiento de Coches Recordatorio


Skimmer is the most fluid speed reading application to date , operating on the principle of using your finger as a guide. You can adjust the speed and position without pausing and always see how long you have to read.

Skimmer works as an extension and can read the later application, websites or long text that is opened from the "Share" icon. All open texts are immediately saved in your playlist for later reading.

 Skimmer - Speed Reading
Skimmer - Speed Reading

And so far the collection of free apps of the week for iPhone and iPad. Have you downloaded any? Tell us which ones in the comments section and do not forget to share on your social networks so that your friends take advantage of these offers.

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