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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Essential design features we DO NOT want on the iPhone 8

There is a new Android terminal in the smartphone market. It is not the Galaxy S8, nor the OnePlus 5, nor even the iPhone 8. We are talking about Essential Phone , a smartphone created by Andy Rubin, creator of Android.

The truth is that this is a smartphone to take very into account, as its technical specifications are high-end and has some very interesting exclusive functions.

But the most surprising thing about Essential is that it has a curiously similar design to the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary . Or, at least, a design similar to the iPhone that reveal the rumors and leaks.

However, there are some features of the Essential design that we do not want to see on Apple's new special edition iPhone ...

Frontal camera

The Essential Phone has an 8 megapixel front camera that " penetrates " in excess on the touch screen of the terminal . We do not want to imagine how this design will influence when viewing videos or interaction with games and / or applications ...

Asymmetric bevels

The Essential does not have a start button or a fingerprint sensor at the bottom. So they have surely integrated some of the sensors that would be on the top of the smartphone.

Fingerprint sensor

Apple struggled to implement its Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 OLED screen. Apparently, Essential also had this problem and opted to integrate functionality into the back of the terminal. It is not aesthetic, it is not functional, and we do not want it on the iPhone 8.

Connectors on the back

The Essential smartphone has two strange connectors on the back of the device, right next to the dual camera. They are used to connect a special 360-degree camera and a wireless charger. Hopefully this horrible initiative has not come to the iPhone 8, as its design would lose a lot of style. And let's not even talk about how he would look with such a camera protruding ...

Source | BGR

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