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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Essential Ph-2 Phone, Andy Rubin's next smartphone without bezels

A couple of days ago Andy Rubin (creator of Android) announced important information from the Essential Phone . It is expected that soon more information about the device and its launch will be revealed as it is apparently under development and subsequently released.

Andy Rubin is planning to launch this new smartphone with a rather striking design and with quite promising features that today are competing with brands and popular brands.

It is known that the Essential Phone will have integrated the Android 7.1 Nougat system and is expected to have the ability to upgrade the system to Android Or, however, upgrade to Android Or is likely, more unsure as it would be focusing on the new generation Of the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone would be the first device announced by Andy Rubin, whose release will be announced very soon. The creator of Android not only knows software but also wants to prove that he knows hardware. Andy Rubin despite not having created a smartphone previously, seems to have knowledge of the market and has decided to work on a new model of the Essential Phone without bezels.

On this occasion, we will mention everything related to the Essential Phone based on its characteristics, going through its design until the buzz of the next generation of the terminal.

Who is Andy Rubin and how does it relate to the Essential Phone?

Andy Rubin is an important person in the world of technology because thanks to him we have a good Android system in our device. Andy Rubin, 55, was a pioneer in the technology world. He was founder of the company Danger inc. Where they specialized in developing hardware and software for mobile computing, until Microsoft bought the company in 2008 for 500 million dollars.

Rubin was vice president of the company Google and the creator of the Android system; For that time Android was not even the shadow of what it is now but it was thanks to the initiative of Andy that at present we have the beautiful Android system as we know it today. Now Andy is developing the Essential Phone to enter the market for mid-high-end mobile devices.

Features and functions of the Essential PH-1 Phone

  • 5.7-inch QHD display with very narrow bezels
  • Snapdragon 835 Processor
  • 4 Gb RAM Memory
  • Internal storage of 128 Gb
  • 13 Mp rear camera
  • 8 Mp front camera
  • Battery more than 3 thousand mAh
  • Ceramic backside
  • USB Type C port
  • Android Nougat

The Essential Bezels of the Essential PH-2 Phone

When talking about bevels, we refer to the edges of the screen. Although it would have impacted more a smartphone without bevels on your screen, the fact is that developing that is not an easy task, but the Essential Phone will have very narrow bezels that compete with other terminals with narrow bezels.

In an interview, Niccolo de Masi, President and COO of Essential confessed that the next generation of the Essential Phone will be without bevels, I quote: "Our next device will actually have removed all the edges up." As the first generation Essential Phone will be called PH-1 Phone, you can speculate that the next generation Essential Phone will be called PH-2.

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