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Friday, 16 June 2017

Europe, Roaming is dead

Today, June 15, 2017, is a great day for all those who travel assiduously for the European Union, since after more than a decade of tireless struggles, Roaming finally dies .

In this way, we will not have to pay any extra every time we call or make use of our data rate by any country in the European Union, which is a significant savings for a large number of users.

Roaming ends up in the European Union, but everything that shines is not gold

Of course, it is not gold everything that shines, since mobile operators can demand a payment for using their services in another country other than that of residence, a payment that can not be higher than 7.70 euros for each gig, And in turn, will be reduced to reach 2.50 euros per gig in 2022.

And, in the vote that ended Roaming, was also voted on the net neutrality , that is, the operator should not care how a user uses their data rate, so everything should be dealt with same way.

Therefore, at the end of roaming in the European Union, users will have to deal with partial network neutrality, since as I said before, operators will now have much more freedom in regulating traffic , Which could result in an extra cost for certain users.

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