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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Every man for himself! Global shortage of components due to iPhone 8

As has been speculated for months, the hype generated for the iPhone 8 is so large that Apple prepares a large stock, some say that it is estimated that 100 to 160 million terminals will be sold , there is nothing. The fact is that this huge demand has a direct impact on manufacturers, who see Apple rampage with its stocks of NAND chips and DRAM modules and even competitors .

Like smartphones give them away, right? Such is the fear that gives the impression that they try to supply themselves like a hurricane, the Apple hurricane that arrives in September . And is that orders for the iPhone 8 are so high that other manufacturers are rushing to buy more components to ensure that the iPhone fever does not affect its production, because we do not fool ourselves, it is a drama to run out of stock and in many cases The stability of the company may be affected.

But we are not talking about small companies, since Reuters has leaked a circular of the Korean LG establishing this same procedure to avoid major evils :

After the reduction of supplies that has happened in recent times, we have been forced to make decisions to ensure a stable supply for the manufacture of our equipment.

But LG is not the only one, Huawei has also been affected and is even using less advanced chips in its flagship P10 . However this cut does not only affect smartphones, they are even causing limitations in the production of Nintendo Switch.

Analysts estimate that Apple acquires approximately 18% of the entire world volume of NAND chips , used especially for the iPhone and this percentage will grow if the forecasts of sale of the iPhone 8 are confirmed. Although suppliers are working hard to increase capacity, demand will continue to rise predictably until the middle of 2018.

Via | 9to5Mac

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